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My cookbook, Authentic German Home Style Recipes, was originally published in its first edition in 1986.  After having many years of cooking which began with my Grandmother's teachings, I decided to publish my favorite recipes based on my experiences when I first arrived in the United States in 1967.  Our family was stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia located adjacent to Hinesville.  There were no German delis or grocery stores in close proximity.  I quickly learned to find substitutes for many of the special ingredients.


After sharing many of my recipes with my American friends I was frequently asked to provide them a recipe because they wanted to keep with their favorites.  Obviously the metric system of measurements where inadequate.  This led me to convert all my measurements to the English system.  I might add on many occasions I had to prepare the recipes many times in order to capture the true taste and recipe consistency.


As I wrote my cookbook I kept in mind of the many challenges I faced in accurately serving my favorite dishes.  All the ingredients in my cookbooks can be obtained from your local grocery stores.  Additionally feel free to contact me should need assistance if something does not work as published.  I love helping others to experience the delicious recipes in my cookbook.


In 1986 Eve Carr whose was the Times Publishing Food Editor, provided me a book on how to effectively publish a Best Selling cookbook.  Her recommendations led to the inclusion of some stories, traditions and common German sayings.  Keep in mind that many things have now changed in Germany compared to my childhood.  Many younger people may not have experienced the same traditions or history described in my cookbook.


Many people want to have copies of the first three editions; however, this is not necessary since all the recipes in the earlier editions are also in the 4th edition.  Additionally check out the FREE RECIPES in this website because there not in my cookbook.  Many of these recipes have come from requests from my readers and are a result of much research by my German friends.


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